Rudolf Haden

Veteran For Montana House District 49

Lowering Taxes

We need to quickly abolish the hikes, and establish a fair and affordable version of the tax.

Lowering Crime.

We need more policing, more efficiency in prosecuting those who commit crimes, and larger incarceration facilities to keep criminals off the streets.

Improving Schools.

Our kids should have the safest and most updated facilities so that they can truly obtain their education potential.

Meet Rudolf Haden

Leadership and Accountability

Montanans are struggling to hold on to their way of life as a result of unfair and unnecessary taxes. Increasingly, criminals are terrorizing our neighborhoods, and our schools are lacking in safety and updated facilities that our kids and teachers need to improve education.

I’m running to bring leadership and accountability to Helena. Montana needs representatives who listen to their districts and fight with a sense of urgency to improve constituents’ lives.

My 28 years in the US Navy, first as a Quartermaster, navigating through the most challenging waterways from Kuwait to Tokyo, and then as an Intelligence Officer, improving intelligence analysis and support for countless campaigns and operations, have provided me the experience to lead on the tough issues of our state.