Lowering Taxes

Middle and working class Montanans need to keep more of their money. The unfair property tax increases of the last legislature are hurting families. With these increases, many can’t afford to stay in their homes or in our state.

We need to pass a fair and affordable version of the tax. Let’s increase the home value and income parameters that allow the Property Tax Assistance Program to help more people. We can decrease the tax burden on our veterans, and better improve the lives of those who have served our Country.

Lowering Crime

Criminal activity  is increasingly dangerous and costly for our communities. Shootings, vandalism and theft should not be at the levels they are in our cities.

We need more policing, more efficiency in prosecuting those who commit crimes, and improved capacity to keep criminals off the streets. A multi-agency task force should be assigned to find workable solutions and more effective responses to crime.

Improving Schools

As a substitute teacher for Billings Public Schools, I’ve experienced the many difficulties our kids and teachers encounter on a daily basis. While states around Montana build new schools and improve their public education, Montana remains fairly stagnant.

We need to fundamentally change how our schools and teachers are funded. Improved facilities help our kids fulfill their potential and improves teaching. We can find a solution to fund teachers so that we can ensure the very best are educating Montana’s children.

Improving Infrastructure

As the population of Billings continues to increase, our infrastructure will need to improve. I’ve either traveled through or lived in almost all of the states in our Nation. I’ve seen first hand how poor urban and community planning can lead to significant problems for businesses and commuters.

I want to empower and facilitate responsible city and county planning and development. We can improve our highways, streets, pedestrian/biking accesses, and other infrastructure that keeps our city efficient and postured for the future.

Photo by Jenna Martin
Photo by Jenna Martin

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